Along with the release of Material Design and Android Lollipop, Google released a slew of support libraries to help developers have Material apps across platform version, but neglected many fringe areas which can ruin the illusion. One area in which they particularly dropped the ball is the CalendarView class. This widget didn’t even get a visual update in Lollipop. Looking around on sites like, there are plenty of date picker options, but none that fit our needs.

We Have the Technology

Thus, over the past couple of months we have been crafting Material CalendarView! The goal is to have a View, not a dialog, which follows the Material Design guidelines and can be as customizable as is reasonable. And now we are proud to announce we have open-sourced it for public consumption!

Check It Out On GitHub

The GitHub repository details everything you need and the README is kept up-to-date. It’s currently stable enough to use today, but we have a feature or two to implement before going 1.0!


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