As summer draws to a close, I have been looking back and reminiscing about the past few months. I can’t help but feel like time has gone by too fast. This summer has been one of the most fun and productive periods of my life. I joined the crew at Prolific a little over three months ago as an iOS engineering intern and have enjoyed every minute of my time here.

I first heard about Prolific from a friend when we were both looking for iOS engineering positions to fill our time during the summer break from Binghamton University. He suggested that I look into mobile agencies like Prolific, rather than the companies and start-ups I had been considering. I was skeptical at first. I was not familiar with Prolific by name and wasn’t even sure I wanted to work for an agency. A quick look at the company’s portfolio over the past five years immediately turned me around.

Stepping Out Of The Classroom

From the very first day, the Prolific Peeps (commonly referred to as P’s) were very welcoming and receptive to my questions and ideas. After a two week ramp-up period of working on internal projects, I was brought into an ongoing project for a well-known retailer. In my Computer Science classes at school, I became used to coding in a vacuum and solving problems in carefully controlled environments. While working at Prolific, however, I experienced flexible timelines and was part of a team progressing towards the release of a live app, receiving constant input from the clients. I helped build a custom parallax page viewer for filtering products, and worked with designers to quickly prototype features and iterate upon them until they felt just right. All of this taught me valuable lessons about working with a team and approaching software development with flexibility and expansion in mind.

Finding Camaraderie

The team at Prolific is a fun-loving bunch. This is one aspect I did not expect coming in but one that attracts me the most to this company.  Over the course of three months, I have grown to love the camaraderie of the folks here, especially the iOS team. The highlight of the summer for me was the trip I took to San Francisco with the Prolific iOS crew to attend The 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference. I was only one week into the internship at the time of the trip, so it served as a great icebreaker for the team and me to get to know each other. We attended the famous Apple keynote together and geeked out over programming languages and new iOS APIs.

As excited as I am about going back to school and enjoying college life for one last semester, I also wish that I could continue working at Prolific and spending time with the team. I know I will fondly remember the summer I spent here in Brooklyn.

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