I filled the first weeks of summer with Netflix and endless job-hunting, demolishing Parks and Recreation, Lost and Orange is the New Black within the span of two months. Even I was impressed by the extent of my binge-watching.

I recently graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in English and film studies and the determination to find a job in the media industry. Ignoring family and friends who insisted that I might have to settle for a less-than-perfect position right out of college, I set my sights on New York and trolled the internet for unique companies that would let me put my liberal arts education to good use. I cursed the completely impersonal and frustrating experience of online applications and considered un-friending any classmate who posted a Facebook status about how they were officially employed by their dream company. Finally, after weeks of slow and minimal progress, I stumbled across the Prolific website and discovered a team of friendly faces and a portfolio of exciting mobile work. I decided to send an inquiry by email, and the rest is (very recent) history.

Love what you do

One of my main criteria while looking for my first “real” job was finding a company culture that would make me excited to go to work every day. I found that in spades at Prolific. I received the warmest welcome from everyone on the team and was quickly accepted by a group of people who truly love what they do. Everyone here is clearly passionate about our partnerships, our products, and mobile in general. Plus, they genuinely like spending time together, both within and outside of the office. I feel very lucky to have found such a close community here after saying goodbye to the community I had built over four years at Conn. It’s certainly something that has made the transition into the real world a little easier, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone even better as time goes on.

Already I am challenged every day at Prolific. I didn’t know much about the mobile space when I arrived here, with most of my knowledge stemming from the apps I use on my iPhone. I quickly learned that this minimal understanding didn’t begin to cover the amazing things that can be done with mobile devices and the impact they can have for businesses and every-day users. Through introductory meetings with Prolific team members, I slowly began to understand Prolific’s unique approach to this red-hot industry, and grew more and more excited at the prospect of being involved.

A prolific team

As Prolific’s Community Manager, I don’t work specifically with one department and have therefore had the opportunity to interact with a large portion of the Prolific team. This has allowed me to learn a lot very quickly, simply by asking questions and having conversations with many different people. I am constantly astounded by the amount of talent and skill housed within this growing agency, but even more inspired by the endless flow of ideas and strong desire for growth amongst the whole team. I hope to be of some help as Prolific progresses towards bigger and better things in the near future, and can’t wait to document and share Prolific’s story with an ever-growing audience. (I also still can’t believe that instagramming and tweeting about these awesome people is a part of my job description.)

It’s an exciting time to be a new P. I look forward to exploring what my role means here and growing along with Prolific as we expand and change for the better. I’m already pretty convinced that the team is going to change the world — using only pocket-sized smartphones.

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