As young founders of a rapidly growing mobile focused digital agency we often look for opportunities to learn from those who have come before us. Embracing the mobile and agency community has been essential to the rise of Prolific Interactive from a small digital agency 4 years ago to a bicoastal all-star team who makes mobile work better for fortune 500 brands and startups alike.

Most recently my cofounder Eric Weber and I were invited to join the Digiday Mobile Innovation Camp in sunny Bonita Springs Florida, which was very welcome by us Brooklynites.  The Mobile Innovation Camp gathers rising stars from today’s leading agencies to help develop the future and potential of mobile.  Top industry veterans provided lessons on how to grow mobile advertising and marketing communications, mobile tech innovation, and leadership.

We wanted to share three main takeaways from this experience. They are:

  1. Mobile is a bigger opportunity than most understand – Most people, agencies and brands, look at the opportunity as presented by mobile engagement with the confines of a specific project, product or platform. The best of us learn and embrace and work with project, product and platform and consistently engage the client and user. This leads to almost infinite opportunity to innovate and build.

  2. Prolific is a leader in mobile agency innovation – We have learned a lot about the ‘agency’ process. Agencies traditionally create the marketing plan and then think about the product. We believe the mentality of, and demands within, organizations is changing based upon the benefits of the feedback loop between analytics, planning and testing. Prolific clients like to hear more about how their customers will use the product. We feel this is a healthy long term strategy.

  3. Companies like Digiday are helping to improve the agency space –  Businesses spent more than $760 billion with agencies in 2012 and Prolific hopes to be a bigger slice of that pie every year by helping brands do amazing things. Without Digiday and some other leaders in the agency space we wouldn’t have the chance to make things better and meet the amazing people who will give us the chance to make it happen. It’s all about good people and building relationships.

Did I mention our camp team was Mobile Innovation Camp Champions? #Winning #Mobile #Championships @WeAreProlific @Digiday CLICK TO TWEET

We love being involved in great events with great people, shout-outs to some new friends and mentors below, and Prolific is planning on making 2014 a big year. Our team will be attending the Digiday Retail Summit  in January, SXSW again in March, and hosting some mobile panels and events with our friends and partners in the NY and San Francisco mobile scenes.

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