Tonight at 8 p.m. the Quinnipiac University men’s ice hockey team is doing something that was supposed to be impossible: they are playing for a chance to move onto the national championship game. For the Bobcats to be a Division 1 program was unlikely. To have their own facility was thought to be out of the question. Ranking #1 in the NATION was supposed to be unattainable. Playing in the ECAC (let alone winning it) was supposed to be unimaginable. For the QU Bobcats to be national champions? Impossible.

At the core of all Quinnipiac University alumni, faculty, and students is an “I don’t give a fuck what’s impossible” attitude when met with challenges. History doesn’t lie; look at the companies that have come out of QU like Holstee, Carrot Creative, Unified, and more. They’re champions of their craft. By association with these companies, I’m proud to be an alumni and look forward to watching them all continue to crush the impossible.

This team of 28 players, their coaches and staff, weren’t supposed to be #1 in the country or competing for a national championship, but they didn’t care. This only pushed them to continue to work harder than everyone else. This month four years ago, we started Prolific and began our journey of continually defying the odds. For us to now have a kick-ass team working with awesome clients in Brooklyn and San Francisco? Impossible.

Go Bobcats.

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