APPreciation is a series of love letters to our favorite mobile apps. Whether it’s a flavor of the week or an app we’ve been seeing for a while, APPreciation aims to express our true feelings… even when we feel like words aren’t enough. – The Prolific Team


We found love at a moderate pace. We took it slow at first; I simply walked and you recorded. Then we picked up speed; I ran and you recognized it. Being with you is effortless. It’s not that I forget that you’re there, but you’re an extension of me and my every move. With each step I take, you’re there mapping out my day.

Some of my friends think it’s weird you know and track my every location, wondering what you do with the information. To them, I say, “Yeah, okay, maybe that is weird. But ignorance is bliss.”  Your privacy policy is clear and I trust you.

You’re more than arm candy to me. I don’t have to wear you on my wrist like I’m some kind of serious athlete. I’m not, and that’s okay with you. I’m just a girl on the move who would like to justify that those 2.4 miles I walked today mean I can skip the gym, sit on the couch and watch Netflix all night. I’ll keep you in my pocket, though, in case I make a trip to the fridge.

I look forward to the many miles we will walk and run together.



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