Awareness is a fairly common and frequently used term, but what does it truly mean and how can it apply to our ever-evolving team at Prolific? At it’s base level, Awareness can mean general knowledge, understanding, appreciation, recognition and so forth, of something.

From a biological psychology perspective, Awareness is defined as a human’s (or animal’s) perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.

What proves to be a common thread between these definitions is that it expresses the need for an individual to actually recognize, feel and/or perceive something about an event or experience for it to impact them in a meaningful way.

What first drew me to this word and what I feel is most applicable for our latest installment of the Prolific Word of the Week, is the importance of being aware of what’s going on in this office and the superior work and effort coming from our team every day.

When I look around, I’m constantly amazed by the teamwork, organization and maturity of our team’s handling of complex challenges presented by our clients and projects.

This differs considerably from other companies I’ve experienced, where it’s often seemed the easy route for employees to focus only on their own challenges without so much as a thought given to those of your co-workers seated right next to you.

The beauty of our team is that we cross the imaginary threshold between our respective projects to help each other with a second opinion, alternative viewpoint or helpful piece of acquired knowledge, not as a chore forced upon us, but from a place of genuine interest and as our second nature.

You could say, that this simple gesture of an interest in what our fellow team members are working on, wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t first Aware of what’s happening across our offices in Dumbo and San Francisco.

My request this week and moving forward is that we never stop being Aware, interested in, or willing to help with the ongoing challenges we’ll face as a company while we continue to take the mobile space by storm.

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