What we soaked up from attending “Social and AlwaysOn is changing the Digital Marketing Value Chain,” a panel from this year”s Social Media Week Copenhagen hosted by FALCON Social.

At Prolific, we have embraced agile. Building agile products allows us to deliver versions early and often, gathering data and feedback from our users. Product and software development are not the only processes benefitting from agile development, however. With more focus on real-time analytics, the future will be agile for brands and how they market themselves. This “adaptive marketing” allows brands to tailor their interactions with users through social media.

Rune Klowsky, Head of Digital at OMD in Copenhagen, says endless planning and classic campaigning are on the way out for brands. Now, brands must be always on, agile, and focused on real-time behavior data. Gus Murray, Nordic Director of Social Media at LBi Denmark agrees. Brands will need to move from big campaigns to small interactions over time; it”s time to use social as a service.

As brands move into agile, other changes in how they market themselves must take place. Jakob Kalkar, Digital and Media Manager at Carlsberg, noted changes happening in the digital and social space:

In the agile future ahead of us, we look forward to seeing brands put on their brave faces and take on digital and social media one sprint at a time, focusing on their customers and ever-growing data and analytics.

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