While living and working in New York City, it can be hard to think outside the borough when you’re caught up with day-to-day to-do lists, projects and a packed Google calendar. Keeping up with friends and family scattered throughout the states has become part of my routine, however, thanks to social media. I can share a post with a friend in Colorado and share photos from my latest trip with my grandma over Facebook.

Social media allows us to reach beyond what we see and communicate faster and easier than ever before. Even further than the States, though, is the global perspective. We’ve discovered more about other cultures, their headlines and major happenings, but beyond that, how do they use social media in work and play? What do they see as the future of social?

This week, I will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend Social Media Week Copenhagen. It’s their first year hosting the event and I’m excited to learn their practices; from big companies like Maersk and IBM to the Crown Plaza Copenhagen Towers, who have recently built a “social media lounge” for conferences and events.

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