Unlike most of my colleagues, I was told to pick the word of the week approximately 3 minutes before it was time to present. I had to think fast and pick something clever that could last us through five days of work. I had to use my ingenuity to find the exact word in that exact moment. That was it! Ingenuity!

Ingenuity can best be thought of as the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful. In my opinion, this is a word that can be applied to each individual here at Prolific. Like every office, the tasks of each employee here are unique to them and tackling them everyday requires some ingenuity. Using your resources, be it an out of the way website, a different line of code or the someones distant connection on LinkedIn that could be the difference between success and failure. You miss 100% of the shots you don”t take, right?

Much like trying to escape a deserted island, we at Prolific strive to use our cunning and download free mobile games inventiveness to find rescue. Oftentimes, the answer isn”t clear and, even more often, the path to clarity can be foggy and treacherous. It is the intelligent, inventive and truly resourceful individual that is able to succeed in reaching their goals by using their ingenuity.

Try something different, take a less certain route, use what is around you to your benefit. Resourcefulness is a virtue to those that can truly embrace it. Hell, look at MacGyver. We can all use our ingenuity to escape a problem this week, even if the bomb detonator continues to click steadily to 00:00.

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