We had a nice long holiday break here at Prolific but as it wound down I was excited to get back to work. I wondered though, what exactly was it that I missed? We are in a sweet spot in terms of overlapping projects—some ending, some in the middle, some about to begin—so there’s an interesting variety of work to be done, but that alone wasn’t it. There’s always in-house projects that need tending as well (stay tuned later this month to see the fruits of our most recent one!) but they weren’t the whole story either. It also wasn’t just that vague need to “feel busy” that sometimes comes after too much relaxing.

Eventually I realized it was the one thing physically missing during break. The one thing that wouldn’t be there even if I went back early. The office would still be there: the desks, chairs, computers, and whiteboards. But the chairs would be empty, the monitors dark and the whiteboards blank. There would be no people.

You’re only as good as the people you work with. They’re the ones who have a different perspective then you, that question your assumptions. They’re the ones that fill in your gaps and teach you new skills. The ones that ask you to do things outside your comfort zone and trust in you to get it done. They make you better and expect you to help them do the same. Not to mention they’re also the ones that shoot you with lasers, take you to a ball game and serenade you at karaoke.

In the end it was simple. I was excited to get back to work with all the Prolific People that make it possible.

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